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Access and transport

The site is located within 650 metres of Junction 5 of the M3, making it perfectly situated for logistics and distribution use.

Road access would be provided via a new fifth arm from the existing roundabout on the A287. Significant improvements would be made to the junction, increasing its diameter to enable wider entries and increase capacity and providing improved footways and pedestrian crossings.

It is estimated that the development of the site as currently proposed could generate around 750 vehicle movements in the AM peak hour and 850 vehicle movements in the PM peak hour. The vast majority of HGV traffic is expected to travel between the site and the M3 motorway and not use local roads.

A Transport Assessment will be submitted with the planning application, and the traffic impact of the development will be thoroughly assessed in liaison with the Highways Authority using the North Hampshire Transport Model developed by Hampshire County Council to assess the impact of major developments in the locality. This will work will identify the need and extent of off-site road improvements required to mitigate the development’s traffic impact. For example, there are existing plans to upgrade Junction 5 of the M3 with wider carriageways and signalised junction entries – this development could contribute to that work.

Sustainable and public transport

To ensure that local people are able to take advantage of the new jobs at the site, and can get to work without needing to use their own cars, the plans include:


  • Improving cycle and pedestrian routes between Odiham and Hook, and from the railway station to the site

  • Contributing to local bus services to improve the frequency of the number 13 bus between Basingstoke and Alton, which serves the site


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