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Why here?

Growing the local economy requires the necessary infrastructure and services to be in place to help local businesses grow and increase exports from the region.

Evidence collected by industrial and logistics advisors shows that there is significant and growing demand for logistics space in the area to meet the needs of local and regional business and to ensure that businesses, shops and the public have products in the right place and at the right time. We have also assessed other potential site and it is clear that there are also a lack of suitable alternative sites along the M3 given all the landscape, ecology, and other physical constraints.   Following Brexit and the pandemic, it is now critical for the country to have greater self-sufficiency and more resilient supply chain.

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The site

The site covers 32 hectares of land near Junction 5 of the M3, immediately south of the motorway. It covers four large fields of low-grade agricultural land.


A Flood Risk Assessment has been produced for the proposal in consultation with Hampshire County Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority. This report concludes that the vast majority of the site is at low risk of flooding. The proposals have been designed to locate built development at the lowest risk of flooding. As such, the site can be developed safely without increasing flood risk elsewhere, and therefore the development proposals comply with relevant planning policy concerning flood risk. The report also demonstrates that suitable methods for the disposal of foul and surface water from the proposed development can be provided.

Surface water will be discharged to local watercourses at a highly restricted
rate. Sustainable drainage features will be incorporated within the design proposals to manage surface water flows if there is heavy rainfall. These will include:


  • Permeable paving to remove pollutants from runoff prior to discharge

  • Swales and ditches to channel runoff

  • New detention basis to retain runoff and provide biodiversity, ecology, and amenity benefits

  • Storage crates beneath hardstanding areas to provide additional storage for runoff

  • Green roofs on some buildings, with the possibility of reusing rainwater for toilet flushing


A number of heritage assets are near the site, including three Grade II listed buildings at Lodge Farm and in North Warnborough. There are also Conservation Areas nearby – the Basingstoke Canal Conservation Area, the North Warnborough Conservation Area, and the Odiham Conservation Area.

Heritage specialists will ensure that the planning application minimises impacts on the setting of these assets.

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